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PX 150 Original

Technology and safety

Monocoque Chassis Monocoque chassis
From the designers of aircrafts and trains, Vespa have succeeded in creating, not only the world’s first scooter, but also the world’s safest two-wheeler. The unique, robust, all-steel chassis is one solid protection plate running all the way from the front to the rear, providing a large comfortable footrest and phenomenal protection for the driver’s legs.

Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
Vespa’s cutting edge catalytic converter and fuel injection results in an engine that is unbeatably fuel-efficient and clean running that more than meets European emissions standards. It’s also extremely quiet which means less noise pollution too.

Suspension Suspension
The front suspension with its unique dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers has an aircraft-derived single sided trailing arm, a feature that has marked every Vespa since 1946. The single arm uses roller bearings to reduce wear and tear.