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The Vespa Lifestyle

By Zukiswa Zimela

We caught up with some riders at a Vespa breakfast to find out what else makes these little bikes such winners. They told us that the Vespa is more than a bike, it’s a lifestyle.

Mxolisi Dhlamini says he now has two families: “We have a couple of rides that we do and a breakfast like this one. I would say that you come from one family to another one with Vespa.”

In Johannesburg, Vespa aficionados and riders regularly meet to catch up, go on rides, network and relax, enjoying a lifestyle that goes beyond just owning a bike.

In this year’s budget speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan urged South Africans to brace themselves for a very tough year financially. Vespas are extremely fuel efficient and will save you hundreds of rands in petrol spend, leaving you with extra money for emergencies or luxuries.

They’re also very good for navigating traffic, and once you own one, you’ll never again have to sit in traffic wondering if you’ll ever make it home. Biker Floyd Mamekoa says his Vespa has changed his life: “I always hear people saying: ‘Oh traffic is so bad’, and that problem just doesn’t exist in my life anymore!”

Article originally published on Destiny Man.